About the Steel Research group

Prof. G. B. Olson, FASM, FTMS, is Wilson-Cook Professor of Engineering Design and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University, Director of the Materials Technology Laboratory/Steel Research Group, and a founder of QuesTek Innovations LLC, the first computational materials design company.  He received the B.S. and M.S. in 1970 and Sc.D in 1974 in Materials Science from MIT and remained there in a series of senior research positions before joining the faculty of Northwestern in 1988.  The author of over 200 publications, his research interests include phase transformations, structure/property relationships, applications of high resolution microanalysis, and materials design. Recent awards include the ASM Campbell Memorial Lectureship, the TMS-SMD Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award, and the Cambridge University Kelly Lectureship.

Current group members:

Research Scientists
:                             Dr. Wei Xiong

Post-Doctoral Researchers:    
        Dr. Ikumu Watanabe and Dr. Peisheng Wang

Graduate Students:                     
    Ricardo Komai, Dana Frankel, Nick Wengrenovich, Andrew Bobel, Amit Behera, Fuyao Yan, Fan Meng

Group Photos:

(with the first ever commercial ATOM PROBE instrument, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL) 

Group photo 2015

(SRG meeting)


group photo 2012